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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Know Basic Cartographic

Cartography is a technique that is fundamentally linked to minimize the activities of a large area spatial part or the whole surface of the earth, or celestial bodies and present in a form that can be easily observed, so it can be used for communication purposes. (Sukwardjono, 1997)
Because it is used for communication purposes it needs special techniques and knowledge of aesthetics, then the ICA in 1973 concluded that cartography is an art, science, and technology of making maps, as well as covering his studies as scientific documents and works of art. (Khakim, Nurul, 2007)

From the definition above can be understood that the task of cartographers is to make a map, which is designing the map (map design) that includes design of the symbol (symbol design), layout map (map lay out), the contents of the map (folder content), and generalization (generalization ). There are so many definitions of the map, but basically the essence of the map is
1. Map is a teaching aid.
2. Through visual aids, a map compiler wants to convey his ideas to others.
3. The idea in question are matters relating to its position in space. The idea of a low-high picture of a region gave birth to the earth's surface topogafi map, picture of the spread of ideas of population (population map), the spread of rock (geologic map), distribution of soil types (soil maps or soil maps), the spread of the rainfall (rainfall map) and others that concerning its position in space.
4. By way of presenting it in the form of maps, it is expected the recipient of ideas can quickly and easily understand or get a picture from that presented it through his eyes.
To state something to the course map can not be described as the actual object shape, but used a picture of a substitute or symbol.
Symbols on the map plays a very important, even in special maps or thematic maps symbol represents the main information to demonstrate the theme of a map. Symbols can be grouped according to their form became a symbol of dots, lines and symbols symbol area or field, while the form of symbol in relation to the elements described can be divided into abstract, semi abstract and concrete or pictorial. Pictorial symbol is a symbol that there are similarities in the appearance of his form with a form element that is described, while the symbol is an abstract geometric symbol that his form was no resemblance to the elements depicted. Besides, there are symbols that use letters or numbers. (Khakim, Nurul, 2007).
If the map was made and well designed, would be a good tool for the interest:
a. reported (recording)
b. demonstrate (Displaying)
c. analyzing (analyzing)
d. and generally to the understanding of mutual relationships (interrelation) of objects (object) in a spatial (spatial - relationships).
(Sukwardjono, 1997)

source: Sukwardjono. 1997. Basic Cartography. Yogyakarta: Gadjah Mada University Faculty of Geography

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