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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Geographical names is one thing which is very important in preparing a map, either topographic maps or thematic maps. This geographic names should be included in the map because this name is used as the identification of an embodiment, although the actual name itself is not part of the earth. Placement of these geographic names must be precise and true so easily readable and not confusing for the user map. That's what made the rules of placement and type fonts used in representing an appearance. Principles of writing letters for the names of geography is as follows:
1. Administrative area and a place name, usually black but can also be another color, such as gray if the text is part of the base map in which thematic information printed on it.
2. Name the form of relief, such as mountains, hills written in the form of oblique (black italic).
3. Name perujudan waters or water, with italic type (italics) is blue, etc..
So in lattering, geographic names, the type font, spacing and placement of color has a meaning and perujudan elements associated with geography.
Besides lattering / placement of the names of geography, a good presentation of all information relating to the needs of readers of the map, especially in terms of the amenity to be read and interpreted is very necessary (usually called the lay-out map). In general, the information is placed in the edge information (marginal information) that includes a variety of important information such as map title, map scale, legend / caption, gratikul (longitude and latitude), charts the location of the index maps, data sources and other important information.
Sample Lay-Out Map
Determining the composition of the layout of the map or maps should consider ways that can touch the feelings of attraction (sensible) and also the element of beauty to be considered. The correct layout would make the overall appearance of the map becomes more attractive. One of the main factors considered are the existence of equilibrium (balance) in the layout of edge information. Font size (text), type the letter (style) has a role also in the composition of the layout of this edge information, and therefore the size of the letters is to be considered properly as well.
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