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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Forests : Keeping Our Water Clean

Want Water? Keep FOREST! Clean water is the main basis for human needs for drinking and domestic activities such as washing, bathing, and others. Then, from which we can obtain clean water, especially natural water (taken directly from nature without any treatment)? The answer is simple, that is derived from the springs.Springs originally from? Originally it is from rain catchment areas, namely forest. The existence of this forest is very important for the availability of clean water, so the World Resources Institute proposed forest guard in the provision of clean water for the long term. 

Researchers from WRI explained that a useful screening system to ensure hygiene of water to swallow a lot of cost. "It takes an investment up to millions of billions of dollars for infrastructure development," the researcher explained from the World Resources Institute (WRI) recently. WRI then proposed that a large fund for creation of the infrastructure used to fund the improvement and protection of forests for a long time. "The forests that naturally filter the water," said researchers from the WRI.

New York is an example of one of the cities that have implemented this process. As a result, millions of dollars could be saved through conservation of natural forests in the vicinity.

Through a variety of calculations and reviews, WRI assess that forest conservation is a very effective way in suppression costs, but still generate clean water - and clean air. This method is also quite applicable, especially in countries with the southern United States which recorded about 29 press.

Sumber: NGI Online
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