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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Geomorphology of Sulawesi (celebes)
The island of Sulawesi has a different shape with the other islands. If seeing arcs surrounding the Asian Continent, then the direction toward Asia, but it leadsto theisland of Sulawesi has a shape That precisely its direction toward the facing the Asian and open to the Pacific, therefore Sulawesi Often called pattern inverted or theinverted arc patterned.

Sulawesi Island is located in the transitional zone between the shallow Sunda andSahul shallow and surrounded by deep sea. North section bounded by Basin Sulawesi (5000 - 5500 meters). In the East and Southeast Asia is limited by the Banda SeaBanda Sea north and south with depths reaching 4500 - 5000 m. As for the western part of Trench bounded by Napier (2000-2500m).

Most of the area consists of mountains and low level that there are sporadic, especiallyalong the coast there. Lowlands are relatively wide and is densely populated section of South arm.
Based orogenesenya can be divided into three regions (Van Bemmelen, 1949) :

1. Orogenesa in Northern Sulawesi
Covering the North Sulawesi arm that extends from the islands to the Gulf Talaud Hammer - Parigi. This area is a continuation to the south of Samar Arc. Included in this area is Togian Islands, which are said to be igir Togian geomorfologis (Tigian Ridge).This orogenese Region sebagain including the inner arc, except Talaud islands as the Outer Arc.

2. Orogenesa in central of Sulawesi
This central section there are three structures that menjalur North - South:
1. Line Timue called Zone Kolonodale
2. Middle Path is called Zone Poso
3. West Line called Hammer Zone

East Line consists of the east arm and some which will be continued with the South East arm. As the boundary is the line of Malili - Tomori Gulf. The area is the igneous rock outcrop outcrop ultra-base.
Central Line or Zone Poso, West boundary line is Medianline. This is the Graben zonethat separates between East and West Zone. North Zone section have Ledok Tominiand at Southern Bone Ledok there. This area is characterized by a majority of Epi toMesometamorfik crystalline rock that is rich in Muscovite schist.

West Line or Zone Palu, there are many rocks characterized by grano - diorite,crystalline schist biotite-rich and generally a lot of beach deposits are also found. This zone is north section bounded by the Gulf of Palu - Parigi, in the South Bay are limitedlines of Mandar - Palopo. From the Gulf Mandar - Palopo southwards including Southarm - Sulawesi. Western Region is a coupling path between the North arm HammerZone and the southern arm is a unit sebagain Inner Arc.

3. Orogenesa in Southern Sulawesi
Broadly speaking the hands of southern Sulawesi, Palu is a continuation Zone (Zone ofthe western part of Central Sulawesi) and the hand is a continuation of the hands ofsoutheast Sulawesi East (Zone Kolonodale). The stratigraphy of the south arm andarm southeast has many similarities, as well as between the North Zone with ArmHammer Arm Kolonodale East Zone on the other hand. Nevertheless there are suchdifferences as an example of the southern tip (in the South D. Tempe) a lot in commonwith P. Java and Sumatra, while the southern tip of the southeast arm more in commonwith Boton.

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